How to join RCI

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Own at an RCI affiliated resort?


If you own at a resort affiliated to RCI and you wish to join as an RCI Member, please call your home resort today!


Not sure what you own?


The easiest way to find out if your resort is affiliated to RCI is to check to see whether it is featured on our online resort directory. Click here or Contact us to find out!



Don't own timeshare?


RCI’s core business is timeshare exchange – helping owners to exchange their time with other timeshare owners in destinations across the world. To enjoy the benefits of exchange holidays you must own timeshare.


Timeshare, also known as Holiday Ownership, offers the opportunity to own accommodations at quality resorts, which typically offer an array of amenities in popular destinations around the world. Unlike typical package holidays, most timeshare accommodation offers spacious floor plans and home-from-home amenities including fully equipped kitchens, living room space, multiple bedrooms and laundry facilities all in the privacy of your own unit.