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With the combination of long, light days and the world’s largest wilderness as your playground, Finland is an invigorating summer holiday destination. Follow the Finns themselves if you want to know where the best place to holiday in summer is, and that would be to the country’s vast and beautiful Lakeland. There are as many as 187,888 lakes in Finland, so head for the best of them: Lake Saimaa; Lake Päijänne; Lake Inari and at least five more of note. Imagine simply sitting on a warm evening in the Land Of The Midnight Sun, watching the light play on the still waters of the lake, surrounded by the pine scent drifting from the nearby forests. There is a lot of action too, with boat trips, getting out on the water in your own boat, canoe or kayak, festivals, spa treats and even finding your own deserted shore where you can unpack your picnic and relish being a world apart from daily life. And not forgetting the many national parks here, giving visitors some of the most spectacular walking, hiking and cycling countryside to be found anywhere.

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“I chose Finland because it seemed like such a different way of life to the one I’m used to. You can cycle for miles and enjoy many lovely lake views as you go. Finland is perfect if you love the great outdoors.”

Lyla Matin, RCI Member

Top 4 things to do in Lakeland

1. Summer Opera Festival at Savonlinna

Lakeside pleasures in the summer don’t come any better than the annual Summer Opera Festival at Savonlinna (4 July – 3 August). Rossini’s Barber Of Seville makes its event debut this year. The venue itself is magnificent – it is held in the 15th century Olavinna Castle, which is open to visitors throughout the summer. Take an old-fashioned steamboat around the castle on Lake Pihlajavesi to enjoy fabulous views.

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2. Suomenlinna

Make the most of the longest summer days – twilight lasts a couple of hours and is as dark as it gets – and take in one of Finland’s seven UNESCO World Heritage sites. Suomenlinna made the list in 1991 as a unique example of military architecture. It comprises seven islands full of ancient fortresses and dungeons. It is just a 15-minute ferry ride from Helsinki’s market square, so overnight in the city to see some nightlife – it can be confusing stepping out of a nightclub at 3am and into the sunshine!

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3. National Parks

Hike, cycle or walk in one of Finland’s 40 national parks. This incredibly wild, wonderful and yet accessible countryside is scattered around the lakes. Get your guides and maps from the visitor centre, pack your picnic, and set off along well-signposted trails. You may well see lynx, wolverines, hawks and, if you’re lucky, otters and golden eagles. Use Finland’s ‘Everyman Rights’ to wander anywhere you like in the national parks and go foraging for lingonberries, bilberries and crowberries.

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4. Finnish Sauna

Steam away the work-a-day-world in a traditional Finnish sauna. For the Finns, the sauna is part of everyday life. Many of the resorts in the RCI Exchange Holiday programme feature saunas in the apartments. The hardy holidaymaker can go for a hot steam, followed by a dip in an icy lake; or you can just enjoy the scents, the mood lighting, the heat and the conversation too. There are many saunas dotted around the country – go for one situated by a serene lakeside for total relaxation.

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