Winter In Lapland


The snow arrives early in Finland and the nights become almost endless. However, there is a magical quality to this darkness. Thousands of stars light up the sky and there isn’t a better place or time to see nature’s biggest light show, the Aurora Borealis, flashing across the heavens. Getting back down to earth, there are so many fun activities on offer for holidaying groups of friends, families or romantic couples. You can ski in all its forms, both downhill and cross-country. Because the season starts here in October, you can power down the fells or glide through the hushed country runs, past lakes of sparkling frost, long before the main European resorts open! Or take in this fairytale scenery at a slower pace in your walking boots. The magic goes on in Lapland, with visits to Santa, snow castles, reindeer and sleigh rides, as well as meeting the gentle Sámi people. You will find your true winter wonderland in this glistening wilderness.

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“The days were somehow longer and the light brighter in the winter than I expected. The mellow long dawns and dusks were incredibly relaxing, sitting by our cosy cabin, marveling at this strange beauty around us, while the reindeer wandered by.”

Philip Hakim, RCI Member

Top 4 things to do in Lapland

1. The SnowCastle of Kemi

Visit coastal Kemi to stroll the halls of the world’s largest SnowCastle in all its shimmering icy magnificence. Built afresh every year, SnowCastle is open from January to April, after which the SnowExperience365 opens. Savour a steaming hot meal in an ice restaurant, sip drinks from glasses made of ice and admire the ice sculptures!

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2. Meet the indigenous Sámi

Meet the indigenous Sámi people in Inari-Saariselkä, a vast unspoilt wilderness. Dine with the Sámi in their kotas, and snuggle on a bench covered in reindeer skin while your meal is cooked on a blazing open fire. Go on trips with the reindeer herders and visit Siida, an indoor and outdoor museum, to learn about the lives and crafts of these unique people.

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3. Lapland Safari

Have great adventures on a Finnish safari… Travel in true style in a sleigh pulled by a reindeer – what better or more peaceful way to visit Santa Claus at his home in Rovaniemi? A husky safari will be a more thrilling experience, especially as you have the chance to be the ‘musher’ and drive your own team of dogs at speed through the fairytale landscape. Or choose the snowmobile to take you through frosted forests and over frozen lakes in an experience you’ll remember forever.

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4. Lapland Sauna, Ice Swimming & Northern Lights Adventure

Sizzle and tingle in a typical Finnish sauna and ice experience. Take a sauna by a lake so you can jump right out of the steam into the icy lake for an amazingly invigorating experience. The real treat is the traditional post sauna meal of roasted sausage and cold beer once you have dried off. Smoke and wood saunas are to be found in the countryside and are thought to be the best.

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