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why join RCI?

RCI opens up a world of holiday destinations and quality accommodations. And if you are a Timeshare Owner, joining RCI helps maximize your Timeshare Ownership. How? Through RCI, you can exchange time at your home resort for another resort anywhere in the world. With this and more benefits awaiting, the question you should be asking is, why not join RCI?


A world of choice

With a RCI membership, you don’t have to limit your vacation options only within India. Being the world’s largest vacation exchange network, RCI offers a choice of up to 4,300 resorts in over 100 countries. Bahamas, Bali, Greece, Spain, South Africa, Australia – you just name the place. Like the destinations, the resorts that RCI offers are as varied and exotic – and the list in only growing. There, you have one more reason to join RCI.


Your vacation. Your way

RCI’s Vacation Exchange works on the basis of points/ values. For instance, your resort has a certain value assigned to it. When you exchange, you will have the flexibility to choose a resort with a similar or a lesser value. But in case you choose to visit a resort with a higher value, RCI’s exchange program lets you combine, say two of your deposits (two year’s value), so that the points match with that of the dream resort you wish to travel. In other words, vacation your way by being in total control.


Vacation Exchange and more.

You really do get more for your membership with RCI than anywhere else. In addition to the great exchange benefits that come with being with the world’s largest exchange provider, RCI members can also take advantage of an array of additional member benefits.


As an RCI member you can enjoy many additional benefits, including:



GetAway Specials (or Bonus Holidays)

GetAway Specials (or Bonus Holidays)

GetAway Specials (or Bonus Holidays) are extra holidays available to RCI members from time to time where you don’t need to exchange your holiday week.

Guest Certificate

Guest Certificate

Want to gift a holiday to someone special? Simply avail a Guest Certificate to give your confirmed RCI Holiday to a friend or relative who is over 18 years of age.

RCI Platinum


Learn more about our core vacation exchange programs - RCI Weeks and RCI Points - as well as the RCI Platinum membership tier.

Trading Power


Exchange protection, Protect your Trading Power and Exchange fee if you have to cancel your exchange vacation booking for any reason.

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