What is RCI Points membership?

RCI Points Explained

RCI Points membership offers timeshare owners at RCI-affiliated resorts the opportunity to swap their ownership week for an allocation of points. Together with an exchange fee, your points can be used to book exchange vacations at RCI-affiliated resorts or for RCI Points Partners products, including car hire, hotel stays, attraction tickets and more.

Ownership weeks are assigned a points value based on the ratings members give your resort, the number of beds and booking demand for the resort and dates you own.

You can book an exchange vacation with a points value the same or lower than your ownership week points allocation - you may find you can book two vacations or more, especially using our monthly points deals or late booking points discounts.

How does RCI Points membership work?

1. Your ownership week is assigned a points value

This is based on the ratings members give your resort, the size of your accommodation and booking demand for the dates you own. You can use these points on exchange vacations of the same or lesser value.

2. Exchange Protection

Don't lose your points and exchange fee if you have to cancel your exchange vacation booking for any unforseen reason.

3. Short Breaks

In addition to exchanging for full weeks, you can also book available short breaks ten months in advance of check-in, even if you only need to stay for one night. These are mostly available at US resorts. Please contact us for more information.

4. Up to 50% off points

If you can travel within 45 days of booking, you can save up to 50% on exchange holiday points values.

5. Save with monthly points deals

Exchange vacation points values are discounted at selected resorts each month.

6. Borrow or rent points

Not enough points left to book another vacation? Or want an extra special exchange vacation? Rent points to increase the amount you have to use or borrow from next years' allocation.

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