Travel/Cancel Information

RCI remains commmitted to sending our members on vacation and want you to feel comfortable booking your RCI Exchange with confidence.

Trading Power/Points Protection will protect your Trading Power or Points used to book your exchange. For more details click the link to review your full range of RCI benefits - including how to Book with Confidence.

If you did not purchase Trading Power/Points Protection prior to the introduction of enhanced Protection you may still do so by speaking with one of our Travel Guides or online at

For additional information on the above products and policies, questions regarding expiring Trading Power or Points, or to book your next vacation, call 1-800-338-7777 (RCI Weeks) - Monday-Friday 8AM-8PM and Saturday 8AM-5PM or chat with us on

* Trading Power/Points Protection is not insurance.

Please note that hotel, rental car, resort rental, cruise, and activities cancellation policies are based on the individual provider and are not included in the RCI exchange cancellation policy.  The standard RCI cancellation policy does not include return of exchange fees outside of the grace period and Trading Power or Points will be reconfigured based on cancellation date. 

If individual resorts, states or countries have specific travel restrictions impacting your confirmed vacation, additional cancelation flexibility may apply.  If applicable, we will notify you by email or phone depending on your preferred contact method listed on your account.

Contact Us

The RCI Customer Care Team is available to answer any questions you may have about your upcoming reservation or how we can assist you further with vacation planning.

You can reach us by:
Phone: 1-800-338-7777 (RCI Weeks), 1-877-968-7476 (RCI Points)- Monday-Friday 8AM-8PM and Saturday 8AM-5PM

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Travel Advisories

Prior to travel, we encourage you to check for any advisories about testing requirements, travel restrictions, or local mandates related to Covid-19 to and from your confirmed destination for both international and domestic travel. Additional resources may include, but are not limited to, government, airline, and your host resort’s website.

Explore the travel advisory section of for helpful links here: